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Mark V* Tank (GBR100)

Includes one Mark V* Male, Female or Hermaphrodite Tank and one Decal Sheet

The latest variant is the Mark V* tank with it lengthened body to carry a section of troops. Its increased length also gave it amazing trench and terrain crossing abilities. Like all the other female marks, the Mark V* female tank is festooned with machine-guns

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The Mark V* male tank shares all the characteristics of the female variant except it houses a 6-pounder gun in each of its side sponsons, replacing one of its Vickers machine-guns on each side.

Like the Mark V, the Mark V* tank also came in a hermaphrodite variant that mounted a sponson with two Vickers machine-guns on one side and a sponson with a 6-pounder gun and one Vickers machine-gun on the other side. This gave it the hard hitting firepower of the gun, without compromising too much of its machine-gun fire.

Designed by Evan Allen 
Painted by Victor Pesch

The Mark V* Male Tank

The Mark V* Female Tank Decal Sheet

The Mark V* Tank in Great War
Unit cards for the Mark V* Tank are contained in the Great War British Unit Card pack (GBR901)…