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Manufacturing update

Manufacturing update – 30th July 2021

Malaysia remains in a strict nationwide lockdown in response to the COVID19 surge they’re experiencing. This includes the Battlefront factory where we make all our 15mm ranges, which has now been closed for over two months, and will remain so, until it is deemed safe to re-open by the government. We have always had a long lead time for production so our stocks on hand have been able to cope but with the length of this closure we have already started seeing the impact hitting the range on the delivery of new items and the restocks of the current range.

When we re-open, we’re going to have to prioritise the flow of product as we simply cannot make it all in one go so we will concentrate on getting our upcoming new releases finished, packed and on their way to the warehouses, stores and yourselves as the top priority. As well as the new products we will work on the core lines as our goal is to see that the entire Late-War and WWIII ranges fully stocked.

To enable us to do this, and catch back up, we’re going to TEMPORARILY suspend orders for some of our ranges so that the factory can focus their efforts as with over three thousand codes the exercise of making replacement stock for them all will take the plant some time to catch up. NAM, Great War, Arab Israeli, Early War and Mid War will be suspended in their entirety. All special / direct order codes, as these are made to order, and some of the BIAB terrain range will also be suspended.

We understand this is sad news and might disrupt some of your collecting and building plans, and we heartily apologise. Please be reassured this is temporary, and we will get those ranges back into production, as soon as we have caught up with the amended release schedule.

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Great War FAQ – Notes From The Recent Fighting


A new rules set always results in questions about how the finer points of the game should work so Notes From The Recent Fighting is the place to go to find answers to some of the harder questions.

Notes From The Recent Fighting (PDF download)…
Notes From The Recent Fighting – Printer Friendly (PDF download)…



Great War Quick Reference Sheet Download

Numerous people asked for a handy printable version of the quick reference sheet so we have made a PDF version for you to download and print out, and perhaps have it laminated.

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The Great War: The Battle of Saint Quentin

Our group – the Flames Of War Regina Rifles, FRR, has events almost every month and sometimes more than
once a month. And, every second month we have a large team game. Next month in March there will be a
large Great War Battle.

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Canadians in the Hundred Days

It’s the summer of 1918, after a massive effort the Western Front has stabilized after the surprisingly aggressive German spring offensive. Though most of the General Currie’s Canadian Corps held the line around Vimy Ridge during this period, one of his most valuable units, under Major Raymond Brutinel’s, the Motor Machine Gun Corps provided much needed mobile firepower at critical moments. In June of 1918, he gives a speech at a supper club in London extolling the achievements of the allied forces but cautioning his audience that Germany is far from beaten, hard work and loss of life are necessary to bring the war to an end, an end which he believes will be in 1919. How did he get to this point in history

Canadians in the Hundred Days…