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Mark V Tank (GBR095)

Includes one Mark V Male, Female or Hermaphrodite Tank and one Decal Sheet

The Mark V was a more reliable improvement on the Mark IV and was used in the later battles of 1918. ‘Female’ tanks could unleash a torrent of machine-gun fire, while ‘Male’ tanks would smash the enemy trenches with high-explosive six-pounder fire.

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The Mark V ‘Male’ variant carried two six pounder guns and four .303″ Hotchkiss Mk 1 machine-guns. The Mark V ‘Female’ variant replaced the two six pounder guns with two more .303″ Hotchkiss Mk 1 machine-guns – a total of six machine-guns! There was also a version with one of each sponson type, creating a Mark V ‘hermaphrodite’.

Designed by Evan Allen 
Painted by Victor Pesch

The Mark V Male Tank

The Mark V Female Tank

Decal Sheet

The Mark V Tank in Great War
Unit cards for the Mark V Tank are contained in the Great War British Unit Card pack (GBR901)…