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1918 saw great changes in the warfare of the Western Front in France and Belgium. The Germans moved 500,000 men from the Eastern Front to the Western Front after the Russians pulled out of the war, and launched a series of offensives to break the Allied lines between March and July 1918. Great gains were made and the Allies’ positions were pushed back huge distances.

The Germans utilised specialist offensive troops, the Stosstruppen (shock troops), to lead the attacks, using fire and moment to bypass and outflank enemy defensive positions. However, tenacious defence and the timely allocation of reserves by the British, French and Americans was finally able to halt the German progress in July.

The Allies immediately launched a series of offensives that gave no respite to the now exhausted Germans. With new tanks to break though German positions and the Allies’ own implementation of fire and movement tactics, they pushed the Germans back towards their own borders and defeat.


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