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Steiner’s Strosstruppen Army Deal (GGEAB02)

Includes two Stoss Platoons each with Stosskompanie HQ team, Seven Mauser pistols, one MG 08/15 teams, one Flame-thrower team, four Maxim MG 08 HMG teams, one 7.6cm Minenwefer, two 7.62cm Infantry guns, two 7.7cm  FK96 n.A. guns, two A7V tanks and one Sniper team.

Developed as a response to trench warfare, Stosstruppen (Assault Troops) were trained in the use of infiltration tactics combined with speed and mobility in order to move past enemy strongpoints and attack rear areas such as supply dumps, headquarters, and artillery emplacements. While the Stoss may be most identified with the German offensives made in 1918, the concept was developed much earlier in the war.

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In an attack, the Stosskompanie would move out in front of the main body of troops and bypass enemy strong points that were left for regular troops to contend with. Once in the enemy’s rear area, Stosstruppen would create mayhem, disrupting communications and preventing the enemy from mounting a counterattack.

The Formation Command Mauser Pistol Team

The Mauser Pistol Team

The MG 08/15 Team

The Flame Thrower Team

The Maxim MG 08 HMG team

The 7.6cm Minenwerfer Team

The 7.62cm Infantry Guns

The 7.7cm Artillery Guns

The A7V Tank

The Sniper Team

The Steiner’s Strosstruppen Army Deal in Great War
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