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Cavalerie Platoon (GFBX04)

Includes one Lebel pistol team, six Berthier rifle teams, two VB rifle grenade teams and one Chauchat MG team.

French cavalry formations that retained their horse mounts were allocated armoured cars to provide additional firepower and speed for the exploitation phase of the battle. Once the infantry and tanks had broken through the enemy defences, the cavalry and armoured car would rush through the gap to get into the enemy’s rear areas, disrupting their reinforcements and communications.

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The French have a long and proud cavalry tradition with a great variety of regiments and roles. The colonial troops provide even more exotic types like the Spahi and Chasseurs d’Afrique regiments. However, by 1918 their uniforms and tactics are very similar.

French cavalry heavy machine-gun teams were mounted on horses for speed when the formations were on the move. To bring their Hotchkiss heavy machine-guns into action they dismounted, sending their horses to the rear, and provided supporting fire from the ground.

Designed by James Brown
Painted by Jeremy Painter

The Lebel Pistol Team

The Berthier Rifle Team

The Cavalerie Platoon in Great War
Unit cards for the Cavalerie Platoon are contained in the Great War French Unit Card pack (GFR901)…