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Cavalry Troop (GBBX04)

Includes one Webley Pistol team, eight SMLE rifle Teams and one Hotchkiss MG team.

A Cavalry Squadron is lightly equipped with just its trench mortars and machine-guns that can be transported on horse-back, providing fire support. However, they would fight in close cooperation with the infantry and often be supported by the armoured cars or tanks of the Tank Corps.

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Unlike the infantry who used the Lewis, the Cavalry had adopted the Hotckiss light machinegun, a more compact design.

For heavier firepower the cavalry had their own machine-gun section armed with a pair of Vickers heavy machine-guns. Along with the trench mortars, the Vickers are called up when the cavalry encounter anything that impedes their progress.

Designed by James Brown 
Painted by Jeremy Painter

The Webley Pistol Team

The SMLE Rifle Team

The Hotchkiss MG Team

The Cavalry Troop in Great War
Unit cards for the Cavalry Troop are contained in the Great War British Unit Card pack (GBR901)…