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Rifle Platoon (GUS712)

Includes one Browing Pistol team, five Springfield rifle teams, two VB rifle Grenade teams, two Chauchat MG teams. one Flame-thrower team, one 37mm mle 1916 team and one Sniper team.

Having been trained by their allies in trench warfare the American Doughboys are ready to take their place in the line alongside the Poilu and Tommy to push the Germans out of France.

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US platoons follow the French organisation and number twice the size of both their battle worn British allies and the enemy. Split into half platoons, their light machine-gun squads with either Lewis or Chauchat machine-guns keep the enemies’ heads down while the rifle squads close in. If they encounter any enemy machinegun nests they deploy their Vivien and Bessières (VB) rifle grenades to quickly knock them out.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Mathie

The Browning Pistol Team

The Springfield Rifle Team

The VB Rifle Grenade Team

The Chauchat MG Team 

The Flame-thrower Team 

The 37mm mle 1916 Team

The Sniper Team

The Rifle Platoon in Great War
Unit cards for the Rifle Platoon are contained in the Great War American Unit Card pack (GUS901)…