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Infanterie Platoon (GGE712)

Includes one Mauser pistol team, seven G98 rifle teams, two MG 08/15 teams, one Flame-thrower team, one 1.3cm Anti-tank rifle team, one M1917 rifle grenade, one MP18 SMG team and one Sniper team

The steadfast infantryman has been fighting this war for years. However, he is not alone. With tanks, stormtroopers, and special trench guns to help, the rifleman will claim victory.

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Advancements in weapons technology mean that the infantry now have more weapons at their deposal than ever before. These include the trusty Gewehr 98, the mobile MG08/15 light machine and the latest evolution in firepower, the submachine gun.

Capable of firing up to 500 rounds a minute, in the right hands this weapon can be devastating. Literally sweep a trench clear of the enemy and paving the way to victory via superior firepower and tactics.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Mike Haught

The Mauser Pistol Team

The G98 Rifle Team

The MG 08/15  Team

The Flame-thrower Team

The 1.3cm Anti-tank rifle Team

The M1917 Rifle Grenade Team

The Sniper Team

The MP18 SMG Team

The Infanterie Platoon in Great War
Unit cards for the Infanterie Platoon are contained in the Great War German Unit Card pack (GGE901)…