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Fusiliers Platoon (GFR712)

Includes one Lebel pistol team (Formation HQ), five berthier rifle teams, two VB rifle grenade teams, two Chauchat MG teams, one Flame-thrower team, one 37mm mle 1916 team and one Sniper team..

The sharp end of our fighting force is the rifleman, much the same as it was in the days of Napoleon. Supported by Chauchat light machine guns and Vivien and Bessières rifle grenades, our fusiliers can handle any challenge in the attack or on defence.

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The French had adopted well-drilled grenade tactics by 1918, using them aggressively in both attack and defence. Using grenadiers with hand-grenades, light-weight Chauchat lightmachine-guns, VB rifle-grenadiers, fixed bayonets, and their natural élan, trenches were taken with an aggressive spirit. French troops are trained for trench warfare. Their operational plan is to make a short deliberate advance under cover of massed artillery fire, then fortify their position to hold it while the artillery comes up to repeat the process. While the advance is slow, it is sure and will eventually result in the defeat of the enemy.

Designed by Evan Allen
Painted by Aaron Mathie

The Lebel Pistol Team

The Berthier Rifle Team

The VB Rifle Grenade Team

The Flame-thrower Team 

The 37mm mle 1916 Team

The Chauchat MG Team

The Sniper Team

The Fusiliers Platoon in Great War
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