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Schneider CA.1 Tank (GFR090)

Includes one Schneider CA.1 Tank tank.

The first French heavy tank, the Schneider CA.1, weighed about 12.6 tons and was armed with a short 75mm cannon and two Hotchkiss machine-guns. The 60hp Schneider  gasoline engine of the CA.1 gave the tank a top speed of 8.1kmph (5 mph); however, it normally moved at 2-3kmph due to the difficulty of driving it. While not the best-designed French tank of the war, the CA.1 was used until the final battles in 1918.

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It was first delivered to the front in September 1916 and first went into action in an attack outside Barry au Bac, on the Aisne River, on 16 April 1917 (part of the Chemin des Dames offensive). While it had its drawbacks, like all the early tank designs, it has supported the French well.

Designed by Evan Allen 
Painted by Aaron Mathie

The Schneider CA.1 Tank

The Schneider CA.1 in Great War
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