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Rifle Platoon (GBR712)

Includes one Webley Pistol Team (Formation HQ), five SMLE Rifle Teams, two Hales Rifle Grenade Teams, two Lewis MG Teams and one Sniper Team.

After three long years of war, the British infantry are worn, but their courage has not dimmed. They can look to their officers to provide an example. The company’s major will draw his revolver and lead the men forward, as he has always done, to glorious victory.

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Jerry has thrown everything at us – machine gun bullets at the Somme, shells at Verdun, and their vile poison gas at Ypres – but ‘Tommy’ has held firm. The traditional qualities of British infantry-courage, discipline and marksmanship-have stood them in good stead along with their trusty ‘303’ Enfield rifle.

Now, with Lewis light machine-guns, bombers, rifle grenades, and hard won experience, we are pushing the enemy back along the front. Our new recruits make up in dash what they may lack in experience. When the whistle blows, they will be ready to charge through the mud to the green fields beyond.

Designed by Evan Allen 
Painted by Steve London

The Formation HQ Team

The SMLE Rifle Team

The Hales Rifle Grenade Team

The Lewis MG Team

The Sniper Team

The Rifle Platoon in Great War
Unit cards for the Rifle Platoon are contained in the Great War British Unit Card pack (GBR901)…